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How we create your stress-free elopement

First - a secret we want to share with you. Mark gets phone call anxiety. It's true - the idea of getting on the phone with anyone is kind of a leap of faith every time.

But we do it anyway because we all soon realize just how much FUN we're about to have together!

We'll share funny stories about being married, and then we start getting into all the BIG ideas that come with planning a personalized elopement. We'll share our depth of experience with you and we promise once we reach the end of our call together, you'll have so much more clarity for your vision than when we started!

Our expertise is here to serve you.

Step 1: reach out to us with What you'VE been dreaming about

This is where your vision comes to life!

"We knew you guys were the ones for us from the first phone call"

This is where the excitement starts!

Remember all those things you've heard from people trying to give you advice about planning your wedding? About how stressful it's going to be?

Yeah - you won't have to worry about any of that.

Let's put it this way. Think about how awesome it felt to start planning your most recent vacation away from it all. Maybe it was when you finally booked that ultimate campsite, or found the most incredible airbnb. 

Now imagine you have an expert team who knows elopements inside and out to help you through it all. We bring all the excitement and handle the details for you. We want you to feel like all you need to do is show up and get married!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Step 2: It's time to watch your plans come to life!

We're going to have a blast planning together

"We were awestruck by your planning tips - you clearly thought of everything!"

we're your EXperts in the craft of elopements.


Getting ready at your Asheville AirBnB
Drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to your spot
Saying your vows just as the sun lights up the sky
Adventuring on a nearby trail
Taking time to be in the moment
Enjoy a champagne celebration and picnic lunch together

Itinerary inspiration: Blue Ridge Mountain Sunrise


Drive back to your AirBnB
Downtime after lunch
Welcome reception for closest family and friends
Group photos
Private dinner from a local farm-to-table chef
Campfire toasts and celebration!


Head out from AirBnB
Arrive at a "secret" trailhead
Hike to a secluded waterfall
Epic portraits & fun with the water!
Back to the AirBnB for lunch

Extend the adventure the next day!


Everything has been leading up to this day, these moments, this time together - and now you get to enjoy this day to it's fullest - all wrapped up in your love for each other!

This day will be SO MUCH FUN for you! It could be where you hike to an epic mountain view. Maybe you want to have a 60 foot high waterfall as your backdrop, or you'd love to jump into the water together at the end of your day.

Your day might be just the two of you, or with your closest friends and family. 

It could be where you end your day with s'mores around a campfire, watching the moon rise from your cabin, or having a fun reception at an uber-cool restaurant in town.

There are so many possibilities, and through it all we will be by your side capturing it all. Because not only are we your expert planners - we're also your talented storytellers for your day.

Step 3: IT's TIME FOR YOUR big day!

The Personalized, stress-free experience you've always wanted

"We are still blown away by the whole experience!"

Your "no worries" wedding day.

Whether by photo or with video too, storytelling is our style. 

While we're adventuring with you from one place to another, we're constantly capturing you as the story of your day unfolds.

Candid moments as you're getting ready & for your first look. How you hold each other tight with an epic waterfall as your backdrop. Capturing the warmth of your love for each other as the last light of the the setting sun casts across the mountain tops. Dancing around the campfire, speechless from how epic the day was ... and just crying tears of joy together.

This is your story together, intertwined with the story of your adventurous day. Just like you, the two are inseparable. Our expertise is in capturing your beautiful relationship, the beauty of the landscape & exactly how it all felt to you in the moment.

Step 4: photos & video that will always bring you back to your day

telling your story is our craft.

"We are so obsessed with our photos!"

photography & videography that tells your adventure story.

Nothing stands the test of time like your wedding album.

These days, we all live a fast paced digital world. But what we forget is how all this data is fleeting. One day, sooner than we think, all our digital photos will be obsolete. 

This is one wedding tradition we are passionate about keeping, because your album will be a daily reminder to grow in your marriage together. 

When our photos are on our phones or the cloud, they are hidden away from our view. Instead, why not have your own handcrafted heirloom album on your living room table - the perfect way to have all the emotions of your day at your fingertips. 

Step 5: your own handcrafted album as a reminder of your day

preserve your memories to everlasting.

Your day will never end because you'll have:

photos that capture the story of your day together.

Video that brings back all the emotion of your day.

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your wedding album as a daily reminder of your love. 

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