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Meet the storybright films team

we share A Passion for marriage, a heart of service, and a love of God's Creation.

we are your elopement experts, dedicated to your best day ever!

hello from the storybright team!

Originally started by Mark & Carolyn, our team at StoryBright Films has grown to be our own little "family" of elopement experts! 

This isn't like working with random photographers at the bigger elopement companies, who are on a constant rotating basis. When it comes to your elopement, you want to know, without a doubt, that you can trust who you are working with - both on the planning side and for the photos & video you expect.

Everyone on our team has been vetted by Mark & Carolyn, and has achieved the level of lead photographer through months of training, workshops - and of course - photographing alongside us! 

We are here to exceed your expectations for a carefree, adventurous and personalized day.

Reach out to us today and let's get started planning your epic day together! 

An adventurous soul following the path led by faith.

Avid hiker, camper, runner seeking adventures daily. Always "Finish Strong!"

Christ-follower. wife of an incredible husband. Chick-fil-A fan. Dog Lover.

Obsessed with Taylor swift!



storybright films founders; Elopement planning, Photography & Videography

Lead Photographer

Lead Photographer & Videographer

Why did we decide to grow into a team?

Back in 2016 when Mark & Carolyn started StoryBright Films, we had no idea where the journey would take us. We started very small (and honestly, ignorant of so much). As we grew through the years, we found ourselves limited by our calendar on a regular basis.

At first we took it as a normal sign of business; that we needed to live with the fact that there were only so many couples out there that we could serve. However, it was a hard fact to absorb - not being able to address everyone's needs.

Over time, it was revealed to us through relationships that we had a way to bring our unique experience to more couples. We connected with like minded photographers who not only dovetailed well with our approach to elopements, but who complemented it with their unique skillsets.

We are SUPER excited to have each one of our team members on board! We have done everything we can to impart our knowledge and "DNA" of how we do things to them. They are 100% elopement focused & trustworthy to bring you the StoryBright experience!

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