Meet Mark & CArolyn

Renewing our vows at Glacier National Park

what we do: elopement planning, photography & videography

we are an introvert + Extrovert couple who love bringing you true joy on your wedding day.


 Mark & Carolyn

grounded in faith. married for 20+ years. Entrepreneurs. Excellent at corny jokes.

Always planning the next adventure!

why you'll love working with us...

On a whim. in 2016 we photographed an engagement for a couple in the Blue Ridge Mountains. After that, we were immediately hooked on capturing love stories!

We had a brief "trip" through the big wedding scene, and soon realized what was most important to us. We wanted to bring the mountain top experience to couples that we didn't have for ourselves.

It is now our mission to create intimate, joyful & emotional wedding days — at a level of personalization unmatched by anyone else.

This journey has been so humbling for us. We have seen the need to bring this kind of an experience to more couples than we can serve on our own, and we are so thankful for our team of like-minded photographers who love this work as much as we do. We are  all so excited & honored to bless couples in a unique way for their wedding day!

Other things you might like to know about us:

Our kids: We have been blessed with two wonderful kids that are right in their teenage years. Parenting is one of the most humbling experiences next to being married! 

RVs & campervans: We have camped in some kind of road-tripping form for about as long as we've been married! Every summer we take a month away from "regular life" and we journey to far off places with our family. These days, we adventure in our semi-customized Class B van. It's a great way to travel!

Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Gravel bikes: As they say, the ideal number of bikes is actually N+1. We have a basement full of bikes and we could always use more! Years ago Mark completed the Assault on Mount Mitchell and Carolyn rode the Assault on Marion at the same time. She finished her ride, caught the bus to the top of the mountain and arrived just in time to cheer Mark crossing the finish line (with cowbells of course!)

When you work with us, you will experience a genuine feeling of being cared for and celebrated for your entire day. You're going to crack up laughing at how we're a mixture of acting too young for our age & pretending to be an old married couple too.

As we handle every single detail & are at your side for every moment, you're going to feel like the rest of the world completely stops around you.

To give you that safe space for a day to focus on your love for each other ... to create a bubble around you so you can forget everything else - that's why we are here. It brings us so much joy to bring this experience to you!

what it is like for us to work together...

Over twenty years ago, our dream wedding day was going to be centered on having our ceremony on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

But no one "did that sort of thing." We just couldn't get traction on the idea, and ended up with a typical venue + hotel wedding day.

For sure, our church was a beautiful little chapel and at the end of the day it was our love for each other that was most important. But we wished we could have exchanged our vows in the beauty of God's creation.

Yet, looking back on how things didn't work out, we can see His hand in growing our marriage through it all. We admit, our first years were the toughest. But that experience has shown us His faithfulness to us and the depth of love we have for each other.

As our marriage grew, we found ourselves drawn more and more to adventures in the outdoors. We bought our first RV (a small towable trailer). Our craft for landscape photography grew, and so did our family (and our RVs kept getting bigger too!).

Psalm 95:4-5

Let's create the wedding day of your dreams