Meet Rebekah

A StoryBright Films Lead Photographer

I'm an introvert who Loves to Listen Intentionally to what's important to you.



Christ-follower. wife of an incredible husband. Chick-fil-A fan. Dog Lover.

Obsessed with Taylor swift!

why you'll love working with me...

I connected with Mark & Carolyn in early 2021 and have been working alongside them ever since. They wonderfully took me under their wing and gave me this opportunity. Take it from me ... elopements are like day and night compared to traditional weddings. Every single elopement I've experienced is so special, intimate, meaningful, fun, stress-free, and you could tell everyone there was present and soaking up every moment of the wedding day. 

I have been married to my incredible husband since 2020. We love to spend time outside, play board games, go to Chick-fil-A, dogspotting, antique shopping, and driving around looking at old houses we dream to restore. Marriage has been an incredible experience that has sanctified me far deeper and further than I ever realized, but it is all worth it.

Some other things you should know about me...

Taylor Swift: The level of appreciation I have for Taylor and her music is a healthy unhealthy level. I have no social media accounts dedicated to her, but I did recently go to a Taylor Swift dance party dressed as her from one of her music videos!

Corgis: They say that all people who love corgis are obsessed with them and I can attest to that. I do not have a corgi yet, but I already have his name picked out, Cowboy Butterbottom.

Chick-fil-A: I never intended to be one of those people that is obsessed with a food place, but here we are. I take Chick-fil-A very seriously and all other fast food places do not hold a candle to it. It has me in its grip, there’s no doubt in my mind. All they need to do is add Cheerwine and the world will be in harmony.

When you work with me, it won’t be work, we will be friends and I will serve you in whatever humanly capacity I have. I love to be intentional and listen in that way so I can make what’s most important to you, most important to me.

I love taking care of people in any way I can, whether it’s to give you encouragement, root for you, and celebrate with you. When you’re with me, you’re not with your photographer, you’re with a person that deeply cares about you having the most fun, memories, and relaxation on your wedding day.

what it is like for us to work together...

Nothing is worth knowing about me if it doesn’t begin with my relationship with God. I have been following Christ for 6 years, but I knew of Him my entire life. It wasn’t until I was 19 that God showed me how little weight my efforts to right myself with Him were. Since then, God has truly changed me into a person I never would have expected. 

I can truly see His hand in my long and difficult journey to elopements. I used to photograph big weddings, but what I didn't love was all of the unnecessary expectations and obligations on the couple. I tried to elope myself in 2020, but couldn't because of traditional expectations. That set a fire in me to help other couples have the courage and confidence to stand for what they believe is how their wedding day should look like.

Elopements combine the two dearest things to me, the outdoors and serving couples on their wedding day, and marry them together (no pun intended!).

just a few of my elopement stories:

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