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Intimate Weddings & Elopements
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Here's the thing - even contemplating the idea of a small, intimate wedding immersed in epic natural beauty - we'd definitely say you are adventurous!

You might be up for incorporating a hike into your day, or trying to find the most convenient location for family members to be present. 

No matter your vision of adventure, we're here to help you. After all, it takes a brave, courageous heart to make a statement apart from the commercialization of weddings today. 

We bet you have more of an adventurous spirit than you even know.  Read on to see just how we make your day a reality!

We believe in your adventurous spirit!

You might have heard the term "elopement" in a negative sense - as a rushed and hasty decision - and maybe it did mean that in the past.

But today elopements are different - and mean so much more.

Intimate Weddings and Elopements are all about choosing a different path over the typical, overly produced big wedding.

You may choose to make it about seeking solitude for just the two of you, or create a guest list of people who are closest to your heart.

It's about intentionally living a day that celebrates your marriage as a new creation, that goes beyond what everyone else is doing, and makes a statement about who you are as a couple.

Ready to see how we make this day a reality for you?

What is an intimate Wedding or Elopement?

We expect you've got a lot on your mind. Planning a wedding is a big enough task on it's own - planning an adventure experience that is apart from the norm may be even more intimidating.

Don't worry. We've been here before. We know what it's like and we want you to know - you have two best friends that will help you throughout this entire process.

To get you started, we wrote this guide below to help you get a grasp on the initial steps to plan your intimate wedding day. Have a look, and if you have ANY questions - we are here to help!

There are so many variables ... how do we make this a reality?

explore our planning guide >>

Typical "elopement" packages offer you a quick exchange of vows and send you on your way. Meanwhile, typical big weddings can be a drain of forced poses & staged moments which are far from reality.

Think of what an epic day (or multi-day) date would look like for you. What experiences do you enjoy? What do you want to see? Where do you want to explore? How everything comes together to form a full day itinerary may surprise you.

We're here to help you plan your special day - and when the time comes, we'll be there to document all the special moments.

how much time should I plan for my intimate wedding or elopement?

Your elopement day is more than a photo shoot.

 It’s your day to Celebrate your relationship & experience everything you enjoy - together.

This day is worthy of documenting, because it is unmistakeably yours.

Blue rIdge Mountain Sunrise


Getting ready at your Asheville AirBnB
Drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to your spot
Saying your vows just as the sun lights up the sky
Adventuring on a nearby trail
Taking time to be in the moment
Enjoy a champagne celebration and picnic lunch together

Intimate Weddings & Elopements - Itinerary inspiration


Drive back to your AirBnB
Downtime after lunch
Welcome reception for closest family and friends
Group photos
Private dinner from a local farm-to-table chef
Campfire toasts and celebration!


Head out from AirBnB
Arrive at a "secret" trailhead
Hike to a secluded waterfall
Epic portraits & fun with the water!
Back to the AirBnB for lunch

Extend the adventure:

This is just one example of many - to help you see the possibilities.

This day is about YOUR unique adventure together - let's make it happen!

we're more than just SOMEONE to "shoot" your Wedding

Starting with our initial (free) consult, we ask you the questions that no one else thinks to ask - to understand what is most important to you about you and your story. We are passionate about creating the intimate wedding day you deserve - and that is only possible by taking the time to get to know you.

Your day has a story which begins with you. Enjoying first light of the day & sharing your favorite espresso blend. Sharing a laugh and a cry as you peek around the bark of a Balsam fir tree for your first look. Dipping your feet into a cold mountain stream in the middle of a southern summer day. 

Hiking to your chosen spot with hearts full of anticipation, feeling your heart bursting with excitement as you say your vows - handwritten (and re-written) so many times, just for this day.

It's about every moment - wrapping around that VERY moment - when you each share "I do" and fall into each other's arms with tears of joy.

You day is a story within a story - and is so very much deserving of every attention to detail to create it uniquely for you.

We are your storytellers.
Once we help you design a day around you, we step back and document all the magic. 

We are a Husband & Wife Team who will take the time to understand you as a couple.

Real examples of how we help you...

Researching & personally scouting for your perfect spot, comparing sun charts with our local knowledge of when to avoid crowds.

Navigating the complex web of government agencies responsible for the different national parks or national forests - to help you secure the right wedding permit.

Planning multiple backup locations in case we encounter unfavorable weather or other circumstances

Bringing along all sorts of "just in case" items to make sure your day goes well - like emergency rain gear, GPS and trail maps, extra headlamps and backups, first aid, hand and foot warmers, socks, towels, snacks... the list goes on and on!

Why you Might be a #StorybrightBride...



You Have a Heart For Authentic, AdVenturous Moments

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Why you Might be a #StorybrightBride...




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Why you Might be a #StorybrightBride...



You Know your Story is Everlasting

You're ready to have a great time with us and create an amazing Wedding Day! 

Contact US today To Get Started!

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Why you Might be a #StorybrightBride...



Starting AT

Hi-res digital photography with printing rights

Video & audio capture of your vows

Highlights video documenting the most epic moments of your day

Travel included!

Multi-day / full-day / half-day coverage by Mark & Carolyn

"Understanding your story" Questionnaire

Customized recommendations for locations

Customized Intimate Wedding day timeline 

Assistance matching you with vendors for hair, make-up, officiant & florals

Planning: Take advantage of our hyper-local knowledge of all the best, secluded and romantic spots near Asheville, NC & Greenville, SC 

Includes everything below:

Asheville + nearby region
Intimate Weddings & Elopements

We generally plan adventurous intimate weddings & elopements to 25 people or less, but we're all about getting creative if you want to
accommodate more (such as using a separate reception location).

Our only ask is that the day stays focused on celebrating you as a couple and your vision for an intimate wedding.  Let's get started!


Starting AT

Hi-res digital photography with printing rights

Highlights video (available upgrade)

2-hour photoshoot adventure with Mark & Carolyn!

Choosing a Location: Use our local knowledge to choose your "best match"  romantic spot near Asheville, NC or Greenville, SC 

Includes everything below:

Adventure sessions for couples*

Photo+video shoot adventure for engagements,  anniversaries, honeymoons - or anytime you want to capture a season of life!

*Adventure sessions are for photo sessions only (video upgrade available). These are not meant for a 2-hour elopement or vow reading. 

See our wedding packages which include our questionnaire process to help plan your day, timeline advice, vendor assistance & location scouting. Besides - your day is worth documenting for more than just 2 hours!

We might have over twenty years of marriage together, but we're no "stuffy old couple." We've been blessed with many years together and our relationship has only grown stronger in that time.

While we know when to be serious in life, you'll find that there's no shortage of silly jokes around us. It's one of our secrets to making your day that much more enjoyable - and one of our secrets to a happy marriage. 

Adventuring together & laughing together is what we do. If you're ready for a fun day together that you'll always remember, we want to hear from you!

ya'll might want to know - we're kind of a silly couple...

I can’t say enough great things about Mark and Carolyn with Story Bright Films!

They are truly some of the best people and their passion for the Lord and making your wedding story authentic is incredible. They prayed for us throughout our planning process, checked up on us periodically, genuinely wanted to learn and know about us and our family, they are super funny and sweet, swatted gnats away from us during sunset photos with a towel, dug through my disastrous diaper bag to find a letter I had written to Brandon and forgotten and never once did they make us feel uncomfortable while capturing the day.

Honestly, they fit right in and made it feel and seem very natural. Mark and Carolyn are your people. I promise you will be blessed just by reaching out to them and meeting such a great couple.

"Mark and Carolyn are your people ... you will be blessed just by reaching out to them!"

Shelby & Brandon


Mark and Carolyn did an amazing job ... the highlight video is incredible!

The moments he chose to include in the highlight film are perfect. His video really tells the story of us, and he makes it all come alive. He captured the audio from our first look, and other very special candid moments where neither my husband nor I knew we were being filmed. 

I would highly recommend Story Bright Films because they are very professional, easy to work with, and you can clearly see their passion for their work! Thank you so much for your hard work and helping us remember such an amazing day!

"Thank you so much for your hard work and helping us remember such an amazing day!"

Jackie & Kyle


My husband and I had the BEST experience with Story Bright Films....we were incredibly blessed to find Mark & Carolyn! They took the time to really get to know us and our story ... one of the kindest, most talented vendors we worked with!

They always responded to my texts and emails right away, and the turnaround time was quite reasonable. We cannot recommend Story Bright Films highly enough!

"We were incredibly blessed to find Mark & Carolyn!"

Brianna & Hector


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