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We should confess - we regret our big wedding. Years ago, when we were planning for our day - we wanted so much to have our wedding set in the mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Yet without anyone to help us, to hold our hand and show us how to do it - we fell into the path that most take. Rather than following our hearts to the mountains that brought us together, we did our best to plan a big venue wedding - like everyone else.

We learned firsthand how a timeline can take over and leave you with no moments alone. How you feel the pressure to talk to everyone, to perform all the tasks of a big wedding ... and then the venue rushes you out.

Years later we made things right by renewing our vows in Glacier National Park.  But we would rather you make the right decision for you - from the start.

We are here to come alongside you and be the helping hands that were missing for us many years ago.

Your wedding day is a blank canvas of history just waiting to be recorded.  The question for all of us is - what will we do with it?

Our mission is not only to help you decide on the perfect location; but to be in prayer for you always, to help you manage all the details and logistics of getting there - dress, suit, shoes and all - and then give you the private space you deserve to enjoy the moments together.

We believe that your marriage is a new creation worth celebrating in a way unique to you - and not how anyone else says you should. The very first couple ever were married in the calm solitude of the Garden - before their God and no one else. We believe this is a great example of an intimate & meaningful wedding.

Twenty years of marriage will teach you so many things - and it has taught us that serving couples like you inspires us to build our marriage even stronger.  Nothing is more important this side of heaven than your relationship with each other, and we want to encourage you to never stop investing in each other.

This is our calling - to serve you on your wedding day and bring you the best experience.  EVER.  Reach out to us today, reserve your date before it's gone & let's get started on creating your best day ever!

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 - Mark & Carolyn Collett

Nice to Meet You!  We're Mark & Carolyn

We want to help you create your adventurous, emotional & meaningful wedding day experience.

Psalm 95:4-5

When we're not at our home planning our next adventure - you'll probably find us on the road in our motorhome, roadtripping across this beautiful nation we've been blessed to call home.

We live in a seriously huge country, with seriously epic scenery.  National Park touring quickly became a passion of ours with the purchase of our first RV, and the desire to wander this amazing land has only increased as the years pass.

The year 2016 was a landmark for us as we "graduated" to a Class A motorhome and began exploring the states for weeks at a time.  As we travel together, we weave the opportunities of travel into the kids' homeschooling every chance we get!

We see every trip as an opportunity to grow individually and as a family, to reach outside of ourselves and learn from the experience of meeting others and exploring new limits.  

Every trip is captured, cataloged and preserved on our family YouTube channel and we enjoy the storytelling aspect of not knowing what's around the next bend.  One day may be a literal desert experience, and the next a mountaintop!  There is no shortage of moments to capture on a family adventure, and we love knowing that what we're doing will be watched & remembered by our kids forever.  

You can probably tell by now that photography & filmmaking are our passion, and adventure is our vehicle for expressing and fulfilling that talent. 

That rush of adventure is exactly what drew us in to make us passionate about elopements as well.  There is never a day more concentrated with emotion than your wedding day, and we want to be the ones to adventure with you, to live all those moments with you - and to preserve your legacy forever.

Let's make your day the most amazing, fulfilling and blessed day - even more than you can imagine!

How We Choose our Own Path to Adventure

Before being called to weddings, we got our start helping non-profits get their message out through video ... and we still stick to our roots by looking for the great work people are doing, out of sight from the rest of the world.

We try to help out a ministry or non-profit at least once a year with video marketing - usually with a fundraising goal in mind.  There is so much need being addressed by great people working behind the scenes, and it is so fulfilling for us to bring those stories out in the open.  

We believe that each of us should do our part to help with the gifts we've been given, and we're thankful to use our creative storytelling approach to bless others.  

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