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Airbnb Wedding Venues in Tennessee | Shopping Guide + Directory

Explore our guide covering all you need to know about Airbnb Wedding Venues in Tennessee, plus a list of our top picks for your elopement!


When you picture a Tennessee adventure elopement or micro wedding, you’re likely imagining the stunning landscapes and breathtaking views (and you’d be spot on!), but have you considered your venue options? One of the coziest and most convenient choices for a small wedding or elopement is opting for an Airbnb or VRBO property.


Airbnbs & VRBOs offer a host of advantages for your intimate wedding. If the idea of an intimate mountain wedding appeals to you but you’re not sure where to begin, this guide compiles some of the best Tennessee Airbnb wedding venues. Let’s get started on your journey!


Wondering if you can host just the reception at the Airbnb after your marriage ceremony? Absolutely! Can you tie the knot and celebrate your special day there? You bet! We’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of hosting your wedding ceremony at an Airbnb or making it your base for the entire celebration.



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Airbnb Wedding Venue in Tennessee | S+J’s beautiful elopement day in Sevierville, TN


Before we get into ALL the details of shopping for the right Airbnb wedding venue, we’d love to share with you this real elopement for inspiration, to see what your day could look like!


Getting ready at the Airbnb wedding venue

For S+J’s day they wanted to find a beautiful home that they could hang out at with family for the entirety of their wedding day. They also wanted to be within a short drive of great photo spots too for mountain views! We embarked on an extensive search to find the right combination of features of a home just for them. Everyone is different in their needs, so it’s important to be looking for an Airbnb wedding venue with an expert!

We found this beautiful home in Sevierville, TN and worked with the hosts to create just the right kind of event that these two were looking for.

These two decided not to have a first look, so we needed a property that would give everyone ample space for getting ready and to keep separate! This home had multiple floors so the guys and girls could be apart for the first part of the day, but with plenty to keep them occupied. We also needed to make sure there was space for hair and make-up to set up as well!



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Ceremony with a view


One of the things we love so much about having a small, intimate ceremony at an Airbnb is that you can have your “home base” nearby and be able to relax! Going to a wedding venue can be a little bit disorienting when you’re trying to adjust to the space they have (or, that they might not have) for getting ready. Plus, there usually isn’t much though to what guests might be doing as they arrive or are milling about. When you have a gorgeous rental property you can make yourselves at home!


Celebrating with loved ones


After sharing so many emotional moments together for their ceremony, everyone gathered again in the shade of the front patio to celebrate with champagne and toasts!




How to Plan your Elopement




Adventuring together to a mountain top


While their ceremony spot had great views, there were so many options nearby for great photos so we took a short trip away while everyone was back at the Airbnb getting the place ready for a reception and a private chef to arrive!


Intimate reception with family and friends

Returning to the Airbnb just at sunset, everyone gathered around the fire pit for a little bit of wine and storytelling. We had connected them with a private chef who specializes in these kinds of celebrations, and he was inside getting everything ready for the group. Then everyone gathered for a delicious meal together! In our opinion, we always suggest that couples choose a private chef or catering brought to their cabin instead of going out to a restaurant. It’s a much more private and enjoyable time to be together!


Airbnb Wedding Venues in Tennessee | What You Need to Know



Airbnbs & VRBOs are a great fit for elopements and “micro weddings,” typically involving fewer than thirty guests. Many couples opt for micro weddings over traditional ones due to their cost-effectiveness and intimate charm. While large, traditional weddings work for some, others crave a wedding day without the pressures of a big event.


When you’re considering an Airbnb or VRBO wedding venue for your Tennessee wedding day, these homes can make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon your own private vacation retreat. Just imagine the joy of spending a few days together, whether it’s just the two of you or with your close family and friends nearby, savoring every moment of the days before and after your wedding day!


From early planning to the finer details, we’re here to help you create your dream Airbnb wedding against a backdrop of picturesque scenery and breathtaking views. Our tips below are just the beginning on how to discover the perfect Airbnb location and all the added touches that will make your day truly one-of-a-kind.



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Storybright: Your Experts for Planning an Airbnb Wedding

While we’re well-known for our expertise in planning and photographing adventure elopements, we’re also passionate about helping couples arrange small weddings at Airbnb properties. Here’s how we assist you in planning and coordinating your perfect day.


  • Getting married in the Tennessee Mountains is a very popular idea, so advanced planning is crucial for your wedding day. We’ll match you with the right property to meet your needs and meticulously consider every aspect of your big day. From our initial phone call with you to the culmination of your wedding day, you’ll benefit from our wealth of experience. Feel free to check out what other couples have to say about their special day!


  • We’ll share a wealth of ideas for your Airbnb wedding. Drawing from our experience in helping numerous couples plan their outdoor weddings, we’ll guide you in envisioning all the incredible experiences you want to include in your day. Having orchestrated adventure elopements in various parts of Tennessee, we’re well-acquainted with the best locations and hidden gems!


  • Once we understand your wedding vision, we’ll point you in the right direction. Whether it’s providing location suggestions, helping you find vendors like hairstylists or makeup artists, or offering ongoing guidance during the planning process, we’ll ensure your day flows smoothly and without stress. Our network of vendors is extensive!


  • We’ll help you make the most of your wedding budget by assisting you in choosing the best time of year for an Airbnb wedding. For instance, you might initially consider a fall wedding for the vibrant colors, but opting for a shoulder season often results in cost savings on rental rates and avoids the rush of tourists.


  • If your plans involve a ceremony on public lands, securing a wedding permit might be necessary. Rest assured, we’re equipped to assist with that too, ensuring this critical detail isn’t overlooked.


  • Since any outdoor wedding is subject to weather, we always have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Choosing the right Airbnb property for your wedding is a crucial part of this backup plan, and we have plenty of tips to share with you!



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Choosing from Airbnb Wedding Venues in Tennessee | Typical things to consider

As you consider the aesthetics and logistics of your ideal wedding day, several things require careful thought. Helping you through these details and addressing all the choices associated with your wedding day is a Storybright specialty. Our goal is to ensure that your day unfolds completely stress-free!


  • Some Airbnbs welcome weddings, and others explicitly prohibit them. In cases where the booking details don’t provide this information, we’ll offer guidance on how to inquire with the property owner for permission.


  • Determining the number of guests you plan to invite is crucial. Having a clear guest count is essential for selecting an appropriately sized rental property. You wouldn’t want to book a venue that accommodates fewer guests than you intend to invite, potentially running afoul of rental property policies. Sometimes hosts will allow more than the accommodation on the premises but you need to get permission first. We can help you with this!


  • Ensuring there’s enough space for all your guests to stay comfortably throughout your time there is essential. While some Airbnbs can comfortably accommodate family members staying together, others may not. In such cases, booking multiple nearby Airbnbs might be advisable, a recommendation we typically make!


  • If you’re considering catering a post-wedding dinner, it’s essential to confirm that the Airbnb’s kitchen can accommodate catering requirements, including food preparation and reheating. From our experience with caterers at rental properties, we can provide valuable insights on this front!


  • Booking a large Airbnb property provides you with the flexibility to utilize various spaces within the residence for different aspects of your wedding day. For instance, you could choose to have your first look and pre-wedding drinks on the lawn, conduct the wedding ceremony on the deck to maximize the scenic views, and host a dinner reception in the spacious great room!


  • Renting tables, dinnerware, and other personalized items is often part of the wedding plan, especially if you intend to host dinner outdoors. Planning for the rental and delivery of these essential elements, in addition to coordinating with a private chef or catering service, is a crucial aspect of your wedding preparations. Count on us to guide you through these details!


  • Consider the possibility of renting the Airbnb for an extended duration or weekdays to secure the best possible rates. Weekdays generally mean lower rental costs, and booking a stay of three nights or more may make you eligible for discounts. Ensure that you set aside a budget for the rental property within your overall wedding expenses!



How to Plan your Elopement




Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing from Airbnb Wedding Venues in Tennessee


As you reflect on your vision for your wedding day and the kind of experience you want to create, consider these essential questions to decide the best course of action for planning your wedding day at an Airbnb.


How many guests are we envisioning? If your guest list exceeds fifty attendees, a traditional wedding venue may be the more suitable choice. Airbnb properties are ideally suited for hosting immediate family and a select group of close friends.


Are you prepared to be the primary contact role for coordinating your day? Unless you enlist the services of a local wedding coordinator at your chosen Airbnb location, you’ll be responsible for fielding inquiries and coordinating with your guests on your wedding day. However, if you collaborate with us, we’ll handle this for you, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your special day!


What is our budget? Once you’ve established a clear understanding of your wedding budget, you can make informed decisions regarding the size of the Airbnb property that aligns with your wedding day plans. When deciding on the size of the vacation rental, consider the overall property dimensions and how each space will be used. An often forgotten detail: ensure that there’s adequate parking and restroom facilities to keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.


DIY or hire planning and coordination help? Approach do-it-yourself wedding planning with caution. Traditional weddings often involve the support of professional planners and coordinators. If you’re opting for a smaller wedding to reduce stress, taking on all planning and coordination tasks yourself might inadvertently introduce added stress. It’s prudent to have the right experts by your side, ensuring that the details are seamlessly managed. If you’re contemplating a DIY approach, our post on the Top 10 Elopement Planning Mistakes might be useful!


Remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that no detail goes overlooked. We LOVE assisting couples with planning needs, designing the perfect experience at a beautiful Airbnb for your celebration. We’ll scout out the best photography spots nearby for even more photo options, so you can have a complete and total experience of getting married in the beautiful outdoors!




What is the Cost of an Airbnb Wedding?

Ultimately, an Airbnb wedding can be tailored to suit your desired budget. However, the typical cost of an Airbnb or VRBO wedding venue typically ranges from $1,500 to $6,000, factoring in rental rates for 2 to 3 nights. In contrast, the average cost of a wedding in Tennessee exceeds $35,000. Therefore, choosing an Airbnb wedding presents a substantial cost-saving opportunity, allowing you to have a micro wedding that aligns perfectly with your personality and preferences!



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Are you intrigued by the prospect of this wedding venue type? If so, explore the featured locations below!





A Selection of Locations for Airbnb Wedding Venues in Tennessee

Availability of Airbnbs changes all the time, as well as ownership too! Also there are so many options to choose from and everyone’s needs are different, so we definitely recommend working with an expert who has planned an Airbnb wedding before to help with shopping and finding the right place!

Having said that, here are a few beautiful spots that we love!!


Luxury Cabin on 4 acre Mountain top! (Sevierville)

This amazing property with mountain views and an ideal ceremony spot is absolutely gorgeous! It is a secluded cabin with 360-degree mountain views, featuring a custom-built treehouse, observation deck, and spacious lower deck for events.


Destination Wedding Airbnb with Views (a.k.a The Vieux, Sevierville)

This beautiful cabin has lots of outdoor and indoor space for a small wedding! It is a mountain-top log cabin that offers a 2.5-acre main area and a 9.5-acre adjoining area for privacy. It has high cathedral ceilings, wood accents, and a stone-built fireplace​.



Big Kahuna — Sevierville

This massive cabin is perfect for 25 to stay and to host a small wedding too! It is a mega LUXURY cabin that has stunning views of the Smoky Mountains and fits 25 people. It sits on over an acre and at just under 7,000 sq. Ft. of living space, you have plenty of room to spread out and entertain.



Stone’s View — Dandridge

This home with a lake view is located next to Mariner’s View which allows for accommodating weddings up to 100 guests. There’s plenty of available parking!



The Farm at Water Oak — Nashville

This farmhouse inspired home with a countryside lake view is located only 30 minutes from Nashville!



Ready to plan your wedding at one of the many Airbnb Wedding Venues in TN? 

You may have looked over all these options for places to rent and are thinking about all the details to handle – and are realizing that you need help putting it all together. We are here to help! Reach out to us today and we’d love to chat with you about all the ins and outs of having your wedding at a beautiful Airbnb or VRBO.


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Shenandoah National Park Elopement - How to Guide [2024]

Eloping in South Carolina - Locations for your Adventurous Spirit

How to Elope Asheville
Updated for 2024

So awesome of you to stop by! We have spent many years adventuring in the mountains of SC, NC, GA and VA and we would love to help you plan your epic adventure elopement!

Feel free to bookmark our blog for all your elopement needs. We are here as a resource for you, and if you don't find the answer to a question here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page

We are so excited that you're considering an adventure elopement! We truly believe it's the best way to cherish your wedding day together. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

We believe in everlasting love & that life is a gift from God, meant to be enjoyed as an adventure!

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