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Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC | Shopping Guide + Directory

Check out our guide on everything you need to know about Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC + a directory of our favorites for your elopement!


When you think about a North Carolina adventure elopement or micro wedding, you might envision the majestic mountains and the epic views (and you would be right!), but have you given any thought to venues? One of the most luxurious and comfortable wedding venues for a small wedding or elopement can be an Airbnb or VRBO. 


Airbnbs & VRBOs offer a myriad of benefits for your small & intimate wedding. If you love the idea of a small mountain wedding but don’t know where to start, this guide is the essential collection of North Carolina Airbnb wedding venues. Start here!


Can you just have a reception at the Airbnb after you get married? Sure, you can! Can you get married and have your celebration there? You bet! We will help you learn the ins and outs of having your wedding ceremony at an Airbnb or simply booking one as your base for the entire experience.



What You Need to Know About Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC



Airbnbs & VRBOs are best suited to a “micro wedding,” a wedding that has less than thirty guests. Many couples choose micro weddings over traditional weddings for the reduced cost and intimate setting. While a conventional, large wedding is ideal for some, other couples want a more intimate experience without the stress of a big event. 


When choosing an Airbnb or VRBO wedding venue for your wedding day, this home can feel like your own private vacation home. Imagine the fun of spending a few days together with just the two of you, or with your family and close friends nearby where everyone can enjoy each moment of your wedding day!


From planning ahead to the fine details, we are here to help you create your ideal Airbnb micro wedding with an idyllic backdrop and picturesque views! Use these tips to find the perfect Airbnb location and all the extras that will make your day one-of-a-kind.



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How Storybright Helps You With an Airbnb Wedding

While we are known for our planning expertise & photography of adventure elopements, we also love to help craft small weddings at an Airbnb! Here are some ways we help you plan and create your perfect day.


  • Getting married in the North Carolina Mountains has exploded in popularity, so you must plan well ahead for your wedding day. We help match you with the right property for your needs & think through every detail of the day. From the first phone call we have with you until the end of the wedding day, you benefit from our expertise and years of experience. Just look at what other couples have said about their day!


  • We will share many ideas about what to include in your Airbnb wedding.  Since we have helped couples many times over plan their wedding in the great outdoors, we will help you think about all the incredible experiences you want to have as part of your day. We have planned adventure elopements all over North Carolina and know all the best spots and secrets!


  • Once we know your wedding day vision, we will point you in the right direction. Whether it’s location tips, finding vendors like a hair/makeup artist, or being alongside you for planning advice, we will ensure your day is stress-free and flawless. Our vendor list is extensive!


  • We help you get the most out of your wedding budget by helping you choose the best time of year for an Airbnb wedding. For example, you might initially have a fall wedding in mind for the colors, but often you can save on the rates by choosing a shoulder season – plus you can escape the rush of tourists this way too!


  • If your plans include a ceremony on public lands, it may require a wedding permit. We can help with that, too! So don’t worry that you have missed this crucial detail. 


  • Any outdoor wedding is subject to weather. We will have a backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate! Choosing the right Airbnb property for your wedding is a key part of this backup plan and we have lots of tips to share with you!



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General Things To Know About choosing from Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC

As you think through what you want your wedding to look like, some particulars need close attention. Helping you work out the details and covering all the choices for your wedding day is a Storybright specialty. We want your day to be 100% stress-free!


  • Some Airbnbs accommodate weddings while others do not. If it does not indicate on the booking whether you can have your wedding there, we will help you with tips on how to message the owner for permission. 


  • Decide the number of guests you will invite. Knowing how many people will be attending the wedding is super important so you can book the right size rental home. You don’t want to book a place which accommodates less than your intended number of guests, or you could run afoul with the rental property policies.


  • Ensure there will be enough space for everyone who wishes to stay the whole time. Some Airbnbs are large enough for family members to stay together, while others are not. You might have to reserve multiple Airbnbs close together for the whole group to stay near one another (this is generally our recommendation!)


  • Decide if you would like to cater a dinner after the wedding. If this is the case, you need to ensure the kitchen can accommodate catering and if the cooking facilities are large enough for preparation and reheating. We can help you with this from our experience with caterers at rental homes!


  • When you book a large Airbnb, it allows you to use different spaces of the property for your wedding day. For example – have your first look and pre-wedding drinks on the lawn, get married on the deck where the view is best, and have a dinner reception in the great room!


  • Rent tables, dinnerware, and other items to personalize the day. If you want to have dinner on the lawn for your guests, plan to rent and have delivered what you need. Along with the private chef or catering, having everything you need to be delivered and set up needs to be part of the plan. Of course we can help you with all these details!


  • Consider renting the Airbnb for longer, or over weekdays to get the best rates.  Weekdays are usually less expensive, and staying three nights or more may get you a discount. Be sure to budget the home rental into your wedding costs!



How to Plan your Elopement




Some Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing from Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC


As you think through how you want your wedding to look and the type of experience you want to have, use these questions to determine the best path for your wedding day. 


How many guests do we want?  If you think you want to invite fifty or more people to your wedding, you should probably stick to a traditional wedding venue. An Airbnb is more suitable for hosting immediate family and a few close friends. 


Are you willing to be the point person for the wedding event? Unless you hire a wedding coordinator in the area where you rent the Airbnb, you will have to answer the questions and navigate the guests for your wedding day. Of course, if you work with us then we take this task off of your shoulders so you can relax and enjoy your day!


What is my budget? When you have a clear idea of your wedding budget, you can decide what size Airbnb is suitable for your wedding event. When thinking size of the house, don’t forget the size of the property as a whole and how it will be used. Ensure you have enough parking and bathrooms for your group to be comfortable the entire time. 


DIY or bring on planning and coordination help? Be very careful assuming what you can DIY. Traditional weddings generally mean having the help of a planner and coordinator along, and if you are looking at a smaller wedding to make it less stressful, you might be bringing along all that stress by trying to do things yourself. It’s a really good idea to have the right people at your side to take on those planning and coordination roles so you don’t have to worry about the details! If you’re thinking about DIY, this post might be useful: Top 10 Elopement Planning Mistakes


Remember that we are here to help you so no details are missed. We love helping you with all your planning needs, listening to your dreams and fitting them to your budget, location, and ceremony preferences. We will scout out where to take the best photos, how the sunlight hits the various parts of the property, and share all of our expertise with you on planning a wedding at an airbnb!



airbnb wedding venues in nc



What is the Average Cost of an Airbnb Wedding?

Ultimately, an Airbnb wedding can cost any amount that you choose. However, the average cost of an Airbnb or VRBO wedding venue can cost anywhere from $1,500-6,000 (assuming rental rates for 2-3 nights). The average North Carolina wedding costs more than $30,000. Hence, an Airbnb wedding is a significant saving—enough that opting to have a micro wedding with a celebration that suits your personality and tastes is enticing!



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Are you interested in this type of wedding venue? Yes? Then, check out the locations below!




Ideal Locations for Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC



Saluda Retreat, NC | One of our favorite Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC

Imagine an eight-acre escape only minutes from downtown Saluda, a charming small North Carolina town close to Hendersonville. This retreat sleeps ten with three and a half bathrooms. The vast deck can seat up to sixteen people. Able to accommodate twenty-five people with parking for fifteen vehicles, you can bring your pet to be included in your special day. 



Cozy Cabin, Asheville 

This cozy cabin is only seven miles from downtown Asheville and is perfect for an elopement or micro wedding. With a wood-burning stove on the porch and a private hot tub, getting married and honeymooning right there can be the ideal combo. Free parking and self-check-in make this location easy to access. 




French Broad River Lodge, Asheville

Blending riverfront access with modern amenities, that is French Broad River Lodge. With thirteen beds that sleep twenty people, the Lodge offers plenty of room for guests to spread out–the river beach, the covered side porch, a fire pit, and more. The French Broad River Lodge is secluded but convenient to Asheville, with plenty of parking and a well-stocked kitchen.





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Gashe’s River House, Asheville 

This rustic cottage, over one hundred years old, is the epitome of uniqueness. This old farmhand house shares a property with the main house where the owner lives. Gashe’s River House is one-of-a-kind, quaint and cozy, and only minutes to Asheville. Free onsite parking and self-check-in.





Hart House, Asheville 

This sumptuous house that sleeps twenty people sits on the outskirts of Asheville. With multiple rooms and a chef-equipped kitchen, Hart House feels like the most comfortable home for any event, especially a wedding. There is ample parking, plenty of decks with tables and chairs, and a giant fire pit ready for you to roast marshmallows. An expansive yard can be the site of the ceremony, with the main house and porches prepared for a celebration dinner afterward. 


Wizard’s Hollow, Asheville

The Harry Potter lovers will fall in love with this tree house in Asheville. One of seven tree houses, Wizard’s Hollow has expansive views and massive windows to let you delight in the mountain surroundings. They have almost everything you need to spend time together in a matchless setting as you enjoy your special day. Remember that Wizard’s Hollow is on a mountain, and the weather can affect access.




Cabin Heaven, Asheville

Cabin Heaven sits atop Bear Wallow Mountain, between Asheville and Chimney Rock/Lake Lure. This spot is your blank canvas to make it the perfect place for an adventure elopement or micro wedding. They offer a blank canvas with an a la carte rentals menu to make your ceremony everything you want. The wedding couple can rent the cabin for the honeymoon, too. With plenty of parking and four wedding venue packages, they have something for every soon-to-be-married couple.


Wrong Way Campground, Asheville 

A brand new concept for Asheville is Wrong Way Campground. Envision sixteen A-frame cabins sitting across the street from the French Broad River, all with adorable decks and comfortable sleeping spaces. There is a main lodge where guests can grab drinks, snacks, and souvenirs. With dedicated parking for each cabin and pets allowed, this might be the out-of-the-ordinary concept you want for a micro wedding. Just a few minutes to downtown Asheville and all it offers, Wrong Way Campground is a novel idea. 


Big Bear Lodge, Sugar Mountain

We LOVE this amazing house for so many things. The architecture reminds us of a National Park lodge and the deck in the back is plenty large to hold a small ceremony for two & immediate family. The rooms are thoughtfully laid out and the whole property photographs so well. Long ranges views from the deck make this a perfect spot! Check it out here: Big Bear Lodge at Eagles Nest.




How to Plan your Elopement




Storybook A-Frame Cabin in the Woods, Boone

This A-frame is seven hundred feet of absolute charm! The tree house vibe is reflected in the expansive open windows, the forest surrounding the house, and the magic of a unique home style. It has two queen beds, free parking, and self-check-in. 




Alpine A, Vilas, NC

Only seven minutes from Boone, this is your chance to experience a tiny house. Alpine A is solar-powered with parking for two cars, a hammock, and a deck with a gas fire pit. This is a not to be missed experience!




The Mill at Rock Creek, Boone

The Mill at Rock Creek combines the best things about a barn wedding with ultra-modern amenities since the venue is brand new. One-of-a-kind location that holds up to 285 guests, The Mill includes a fire pit, waterfall, a grassy expanse with mountain views, and all the set-up items you need to create a memorable day. Less than five miles from downtown Boone, The Mill at Rock Creek is perfection set in the Boone mountains. We include it here because they offer lodging options too!


Fifty-Acre Horse Farm, Candler, NC

With two wood-burning fireplaces, a ping-pong table, an outdoor gazebo, and only fifteen minutes from downtown Asheville, this Horse Farm has a king and queen bed and ample room to roam. The farm has a fully-equipped kitchen with ample parking. Get married on a horse farm!





Laurel Falls, Fairview, NC

Laurel Falls takes you a step back in time with multiple homes that can sleep sixteen guests. Stunning views, majestic waterfalls, and eighteen acres of rolling hills–Laurel Falls brings it all! 

This location mixes modern and quaint with free parking, accommodations for up to twenty-five attendees, a spacious kitchen, a hot tub, and more. 





Free Download: Elopement Budget Spreadsheet




Luxury Glamping Dome, Hendersonville | One of the most unique Airbnb wedding venues in NC!

A glamping dome? For a wedding? Yes! “Where nature meets luxury,” the dome has air conditioning, plumbing, a kitchenette, a hot tub, and a king-size bed. These hosts have thought of everything! The Luxury Glamping Dome can host a micro wedding or elopement with style.






Appalachian View, Linville, NC

Sitting just near Sugar Mountain with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains is Appalachian View. This massive barn is large enough to host your wedding and reception, with an indoor and outdoor bar. A caterer’s kitchen, suites for the bride and groom, and ample parking make Appalachian View a dream spot. There is seating for up to two hundred people with a covered area nearby in case of inclement weather. Check out Appalachian View.


Stoney Woods Estate, Marshall, NC

Stoney Woods Estate is truly a destination for a micro wedding! The main villa offers a courtyard and garden. With multiple rooms available for bride and groom’s suites, a fully equipped kitchen, and an outdoor fire pit, Stoney Woods Estate provides ample space for anything you might plan for your special day. Plenty of parking and a wrap-around porch makes this private, gated retreat luxurious and breath-taking!


River’s Ridge Lodge, Old Fort, NC

Prepare to be wowed at River’s Ridge Lodge! The main lodge sleeps 23 comfortably, with a great room, home theatre, bar, game room, and executive kitchen, while the outdoor bunkrooms sleep seven. The expansive deck has 5,000 square feet of space for a wedding, reception, or whatever your heart desires. Set beside Crooked Creek, a branch of the Catawba River, you can fish, watch the wildlife, and explore the woods. You will find a hot tub, outdoor bathhouse, and fire pit awaiting your wedding adventures. 


Secluded Tree House, Old Fort

This Tree House Airbnb is one of the most wish-listed properties on Airbnb and VRBO. From the swinging rope bridge entry to the pristine neutral interior, it is easy to see why this location is so desirable. Only twenty minutes to Asheville and ten to Black Mountain, this spot is ideal for an elopement or micro wedding with an intimate number of guests.






Modern Waterfall House, Rosman, NC

Amid twenty acres just outside Brevard is the Modern Waterfall House. It comfortably sleeps nine guests in well-appointed rooms. Nearby is a delightful waterfall that serenades you when you relax on the front porch or at the nearby fire pit. Free on-site parking and a large kitchen offer what you need for a micro wedding in the forest. 

waterfall airbnb wedding venues in nc








Ready to plan your wedding at one of the many Airbnb Wedding Venues in NC? 

You may have looked over all these options for places to rent and are thinking about all the details to handle – and are realizing that you need help putting it all together. We are here to help! Reach out to us today and we’d love to chat with you about all the ins and outs of having your wedding at a beautiful Airbnb or VRBO.


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Shenandoah National Park Elopement - How to Guide [2024]

Eloping in South Carolina - Locations for your Adventurous Spirit

How to Elope Asheville
Updated for 2024

So awesome of you to stop by! We have spent many years adventuring in the mountains of SC, NC, GA and VA and we would love to help you plan your epic adventure elopement!

Feel free to bookmark our blog for all your elopement needs. We are here as a resource for you, and if you don't find the answer to a question here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page

We are so excited that you're considering an adventure elopement! We truly believe it's the best way to cherish your wedding day together. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

We believe in everlasting love & that life is a gift from God, meant to be enjoyed as an adventure!

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