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Eloping with Family – How to Include your Loved Ones in your Intimate Wedding

Does your dream day include eloping with family? Here’s how we help make your intimate wedding day about you and the ones you love!


Is Eloping with Family possible?


Let’s clear up a misconception about eloping before we go any further.

YES. You absolutely can include your family in your dream elopement!

Why do we make an emphasis about this up front? Because myths about elopements still persist in our culture today. We believe in elopements as THE way to separate yourself from the pressures of what big weddings have become. Instead, you can make the day about what – and WHO – is important to you.

So let’s not box ourselves into what anyone else thinks weddings or elopements are supposed to be. You have the freedom to create the day of your dreams, and we’re here to help you make that happen.



How we help you Elope with Family


Planning your day to include your loved ones


When you choose to include your loved ones in your day, we build your elopement timeline from the ground up based on what experiences you want to share with your family. Maybe you want to include them in your whole day from getting ready to reception. Or you’d like to have some private time aside from everyone just to enjoy the moment with each other.

What we want you to know is you don’t have to conform to the typical timelines & structure we see so often today. You can exchange vows in complete privacy and have a ceremony later with family. Or you can have a small ceremony with your loved ones, an intimate reception – then “steal away” to decompress and spend time adventuring together.

There are plenty of possibilities, and it’s our job to help you towards your vision for your day. We’re here to help you plan an elopement day that still keeps you and your relationships as the main focus and includes your loved ones as well.





Ways to create an itinerary to elope with family


  1. One ceremony in an intimate setting with your family
  2. Plan two parts of your day, a private vow exchange just the two of you and a ceremony with family later
  3. Create your experience across two days for relaxed, quantity & quality time for both you and your family


What might a day look like when you’re eloping with family? Have a look below at one suggestion, planning across two days:



Itinerary inspiration – Eloping with Family


  • Getting ready at your Asheville AirBnB – before dawn with closest family to help
  • Drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to your spot – just the two of you
  • Saying your vows in a private ceremony just as the sun lights up the sky
  • Adventuring on a nearby trail
  • Taking time to be in the moment
  • Enjoy a champagne celebration and picnic lunch together



  • Drive back to your AirBnB
  • Welcome reception for closest family and friends
  • Group photos
  • Private dinner from a local farm-to-table chef
  • Watch your ceremony video with everyone together (yes we can have it ready in time!)
  • Campfire toasts and celebration!


Extend your day & experience together!


  • Head out from AirBnB
  • Arrive at a “secret” trailhead
  • Hike to a secluded waterfall
  • Epic portraits & fun with the water!
  • Back to the AirBnB for lunch




Location recommendations to Elope with Family

Striking a balance between adventurous locations and possible mobility limitations for family members is another place we help you. You may decide on finding one location that works for everyone – in which case we recommend spots which are easily accessible from convenient parking.

Or you might want to keep an epic “just us” experience in your plan. This is where we recommend planning your day in two parts (or planning across two days). We help you choose locations and plan your day between them to meet the needs of everyone.


For location inspiration & spots that range from adventurous to accessible, read our blog post on Eloping in Asheville, NC.



Videography is even more precious for family & elopements

We’ve seen this trend for awhile now – couples tend to place the most emphasis on their photos when planning their wedding. But afterwards, they watch their wedding video quite often and realize how important it was to record the moments that might have disappeared forever. This is precisely why we include videography for you.

We especially believe that a wedding video is even more important for elopements. Sometimes not all your family can attend. With your video, you’ll always have a way for you and your family members to experience your epic day!






More tips when Eloping with Family


Include your family members in other experiences together


Maybe you’ve decided on a ceremony of private vows together. Including your family in other parts of your wedding experience is a great way to keep them involved and share in the joy of your day.

Before your wedding, make an experience out of choosing a dress together. Take the opportunity to share why you feel called to an elopement experience, and explain how you’re looking for a beautiful dress that is also¬†comfortable for adventuring. Use that time to build family bonds in the way you want to – and give your family opportunity to support you in the vision for your day.


On your day, continue that experience by having them take part in your getting ready experience. Those moments of anticipation create such a shared sense of joy, and help your family members feel fulfilled in their contribution to your day.



Elope with Letters from your family


Ask your family members to write you letters. It shows them your need to hear their support and kind words, and the emotions that will stir on your day will be absolutely precious. It’s a wonderful way to feel their love in the midst of your elopement day, and keepsakes to look back on for years to come.

It is especially sweet to capture your reading moments on video, as it’s a great way to send your love back to them right in the moment! You and your family will be able to enjoy looking back on those moments again and again through your video.



Video chat with family immediately after


We can’t emphasize this point enough. Thinking back – who did you tell immediately after you were engaged? Imagine the joy they felt by knowing they were among the very first to hear the good news. There is something very special about receiving a phone call from a loved one – right after big moments in life.

Similarly, if you have loved ones that cannot make it to your elopement day – call them right after your ceremony. Skype or Facetime for even more closeness in the moment. You will fill their hearts to overflowing with this one, simple gesture – and you’ll feel their blessing in return!


Share your Wedding Video


We’ve often heard from couples how thankful they are for their video – to be able share with family that could not attend. We make every effort to include the emotion of your day in your highlights video – for the purpose of helping your remember it all, but also to share those emotions with those who couldn’t see your day in person.

Make an effort to share your video individually with those you love (or even better, watch it together) and you will bring your family closer every single time.



One thing to keep in mind when eloping with family


Just a reminder – this is YOUR day to enjoy. Don’t let things snowball into what you didn’t want.

When planning for an elopement day with family, be careful not to let your vision stray from what you REALLY want as a couple. Be clear with each other first on your wedding day desires. Then set boundaries around what’s most important to your shared vision.

How far is too far when planning an elopement with family? Our advice – it’s when you see sacrifice on your part instead of compromise on the whole. Example – if you’re feeling pressure to have a ceremony with everyone present, you’re straying away from an elopement day.

Remember to look back on why you wanted to elope in the first place. Why you desired a “just us” experience over everything else. We’re here to help you keep that vision and experience your best day ever!




Need help bringing your family on board with the idea of eloping? Check out our blog post Ways to Elope and Still Honor your Family





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